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Are you suffering from pain in your neck or lower back? If so, vibration therapy might be able to help. Dr. Donald Worley at Ouzts-Tinney Chiropractic & Spinal Rehabilitation in Greenwood, South Carolina alleviates his patients' symptoms by providing vibrational therapy for reducing pain and increasing their daily activity. Call Dr. Worley or schedule an appointment online to come in and discuss your treatment options.

Vibration Therapy Q & A

What is vibration therapy?

Vibration therapy creates a “micro-massaging” effect on tissues in your body to improve your blood flow and loosen up tight problem areas. This treatment reduces pain and pain-related disabilities in people with chronic pain in their neck and lower back.

Vibration therapy comes in one of two varieties: whole-body and localized. During whole-body vibration therapy, you stand, sit, or lie on a machine supported by a vibrating platform. In localized vibration therapy, Dr. Worley places a hand-held vibrating device on painful areas.

What are the benefits of vibration therapy?

Vibration therapy is an excellent tool for increasing your flexibility, range of motion, and mobility. It can also:

  • Increase your bone density and muscle mass
  • Improve your circulation
  • Reduce your joint and back pain
  • Alleviate your stress
  • Boost your metabolism

Vibration therapy can help alleviate your pain by promoting healing through natural, non-invasive methods that don’t involve surgery or narcotics and pharmaceuticals.

How does vibration therapy work?

When you injure yourself, scar tissue adheres to your soft tissue. This scar tissue often can cause you to have pain and inflammation, and it lowers your range of motion.

Vibration therapy works to disrupt the structure of your scar tissue.

The transmitted vibrations cause your muscles to contract and relax. The vibration increases blood flow to your injury by putting your soft tissues into motion, which helps you to heal quickly and efficiently.

The effectiveness of your session depends on the vibrations' direction and intensity. Some devices emit vertical waves; others create vibrations that rise and fall, go forward and backward, or even sideways.

The vibrations that go up and down are considered the most effective for producing rapid muscle contractions. It only takes about 15 minutes for your muscles to benefit from the treatment.

With the guidance of Dr. Worley, vibration therapy can help repair damaged soft tissues in your discs, ligaments, and muscles. It helps completely rehabilitate your neck and lower back and alleviate chronic pain.

Call Dr. Worley or schedule an appointment online to see if you can benefit from vibration therapy.